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Final Presentation

Presentation Layout

I apologize for the crooked floor plans.  After I presented and had pulled the ceiling plans out from behind, the board came unpinned.

During Presentation

So happy to be done with not only my presentation, but the project as a whole!  I am very pleased with the way that it all turned out and I am so glad that I chose something that I am very passionate about to design.  I LOVE this project and I LOVE the final outcome!

Perspective Board Up Close

Video of Presentation:

Final presentation video

Thank you all for watching my process along the way and commenting with positive words and feedback!


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The Legacy Dance Academy: Final Product

Occupied Floors

Relationship Map to the Walton Arts Center

Floor and Ceiling Plans


Dance Studio


Retail Store

Viewing Lounge

Makeup Room

T.V. Room


It’s all in the Details


I couldn’t be happier with how the overall project turned out.  After uncountable sleepless nights and a lot of work, my senior project is done and ready for presentation.  I hope you all have enjoyed watching the project’s progress.  The images are produced using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Photoshop & InDesign.

I’m going to try and have someone film my presentation and I may be able to get that on here for you all to understand the process a little bit more in depth.

Thanks for following!


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Research Findings

What I’ve ‘StumbledUpon’

I have been searching ideas and inspiration for the dance academy, and I came across a few very cool things.

These acoustical tiles in a honeycomb pattern caught my eye.  The colors intermixed with one another create a great pattern and bring texture to any space.  In a dance academy, acoustics are an important part of the design.  This product by Form Us With Love is one of the cool things that I stumbled upon this evening.

Color Scheme

One of the biggest decisions that I need to make when it comes to FF&E is the color scheme.  Once I know what colors I will incorporate into the design I am able to then get inspired about furniture and other finishes.  It also helps me to contemplate the overall feeling that I want to bring to the dance academy.

 I stumbled across this image:

The chartreuse pop of color communicates to the concept of energy, motion and movement that I need to implement into the design.  The warm wood tones and bronze accents bring warmth and charm to this space.  The white walls allow the other aspects of the room take center stage, which is exactly what I want for the dance academy.  The dancers are to BE the main attraction and the surroundings will be neutral in order to allow them to stand out.  Warm greys, creams, and pear greens could also be used with the chartreuse accent as a successful color scheme for the academy.

Here is an example of the last discussed color scheme.

The last three colors in this scheme are exactly what I am thinking for the dance academy along with bright whites, exposed concrete, stainless steel, and exposed electrical wiring:


Many thanks ❤


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