Final Construction Documents

Finish Plans & Schedule

Furniture Plans & Schedule

Accessories Schedule

Our final project for the semester was to create a series of construction documents for finishes furniture and accessories.  Doing the accessories schedule really helped me to feel like the spaces were finally finished.  The documents were to be done for five spaces in our senior project’s facility.  In the dance academy I chose to do the schedules and plans for the:

  • Dance Studio
  • Arrival/Reception/Performance Lobby
  • Cafe/Lounge
  • T.V. Lounge
  • Retail Store

Commencement Speech Update*

I am finally done writing my commencement speech.  It sends the message that I wanted it to in a way that is not dull or dry, and has some humor that all of the students will be able to relate to.  The speech overall gives hope for the future and I am really excited, now that it is written, for graduation day to finally get here so I can get it over with and be a University of Arkansas Alumni.

I hope you all have enjoyed following my journey as a senior interior design student, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to continue this blog with my professional work so that I can continue to keep you all up to date on things going on in my professional career.

Thanks for reading!



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